Rapid sightseeing: Amsterdam, Prague

Flying is terrible. It’s not the part when you’re actually in the air, that’s fine. Terrible is getting to and from the airport, staying in endless queues, drinking overpriced coffee in shopping-mall-like terminals with nervous people around.

Whenever I can therefore, I choose the train. And trains in Europe are awesome! They are fast, comfortable, rather spacious, have onboard wifi and power plugs. Even when the ride is 8-10 hours long, I consider it being a rather nice workday: get on board, work a good few hours, find the restaurant car, and continue after lunch. Most trains serve coffee at your seat.

Rapid Sightseeing in Prague

The best days are when I can find a ride with a connection at an unknown city. Amsterdam, Cologne, Prague, Vienna, Milan – you can actually discover quite a bit of a lot of towns in 1-2 hours, starting from (and returning to) the main train station.

My latest series in Yakuzuzu Magazine is a rapid tour guide. I write about the cities you can discover in 60 minutes: what to see? Which route to cover to see the best sights? Is it even a smart idea to try?

  • In Prague, chances are that you will get terribly lost without a good map and good sense of directions. If you succeed though, you will take amazing photos in one of the best looking medieval cities in Eeastern Europe.
  • In Amsterdam, you can get a good glimpse of the city, seeing almost all important tourist sights. Get a flat white, and have a fantastic walk around the canals and beautiful buildings!

(Photo: Unsplash.com)