To play Ingress, go to Berlin

I’m sure that playing Ingress is great fun everywhere, and also, this whole topic is very subjective – but I’m certain that this place adds a lot to the experience. I have at least three reasons why.

1. Awesome scenery

The ugliness of Berlin is a significant plus to the game experience: every building here looks like a scene from your favourite first person shooter. And now that I pay more attention to statues, I know that most of them are pretty weird too.

playing Ingress in Berlin - from Wimagguc, a geek blog

2. Perfect language

Everything sounds more serious in German. My communication field is full of texts like ‘Der grosse Stern – Gefangen I’m netz der Schlumpfe‘. I don’t even know what that means, but it does look scary.

3. You are not weird

The whole place is full of geeks and other weirdos, so no one gives you the look when you are running back and forth between portals. (Not unless you are holding your phone out to watch those commands about establishing control fields and destroying links – in the circle of an elementary school group. Yeah, maybe try to avoid that.)