I have the tendency to buy flights tickets only a few days before departing, which makes it all much, much more expensive as it should be. And it leaves me with the opportunity to travel a lot by train.

I wouldn’t say that train trips per se are a good thing, for one, because I love to work on airports (yes, it’s a fact: if you work on airports than you are important!) The last Berlin-Vienna trip on the other hand was something I would have again anytime, we had such a great time for those 9.5 hours on the train.

It was great thanks to the following:

  • I was traveling with Katrin; traveling in two is always more fun
  • Full charged laptop battery – I actually managed to be efficient for those 4 hours they lasted
  • Perfect weather: rain and cold outside makes the whole thing freaking romantic
  • Well chosen book: there is no single peace that suits train trips better than 80 days around the world
  • The new Japandroids album

What could have made it even better: good coffee and cleaner toilets, maybe.