Who is this guy?

Interim CTO, former advertising man. Creative director of Bunt Creative. I write in business, advertising, tech & lifestyle.

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Wimagguc is a word from the first Hungarian text that has been written with Latin characters. We had to learn this text by heart in high school, and although it’s a short one, these tasks always gave me headaches. Having to look at those words for a long, long time, I discovered that this string, ‘wimagguc’, actually looks great.

Now, I know that choosing a nickname for life is not something you do just because the word itself looks good, but that’s what it is. Although it has some upsides as well – like, it comes handy every time I register on websites: wimagguc is not something anyone else would choose.

And while it only exists in one text from 1195, is almost impossible to pronounce in any language (including Hungarian), what it actually means is quite cool: ‘we love it’.

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