London Eye will be lit up by Olympic tweets

One of London’s most important landmarks got a spectacular decoration for the Olympics from EDF Energy: the lights will change their color according to tweets sent with the hash tag #Energy2012.

Lightshow and more info on

The company developed an algorithm that filters tweets, and the more positive tweeps are, the more lights on the wheel will be lit. The highs and lows of the day’s major sport events, together with Twitter results will be displayed every night in form of a lightshow, between 9pm and 10pm on the EDF Energy London Eye.

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Tweet embedding in WordPress

With the new WordPress version, quoting a tweet from Twitter is as easy as copying the direct link to the post’s body. The blog engine then pulls the text (or the whole conversation) from Twitter, and replaces the direct link with the whole lot.

That means, this: “http://twitter.­com/wmguk/status/213682841010192384” becomes this:

The tweets seem not to be truly cached and embedded in the post though: they will keep being displayed in the blog only until the original texts on Twitter are still in place. After deleting those, only the original direct link will be displayed in your live website, which makes the whole thing rather fancy – but not very usable.

Update: another downside, the text of the tweet seems to be the only thing displayed in the feed.

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