One team I’m working with is 100% proper nerds. Imagine a transportation consultancy where people work with massive data models and advise governments, mayor’s offices or public events. To illustrate, one project we’ve worked on is the Champions League’s finals in Cardiff.

Definitely real nerds then. Not completely unlike Big Bang Theory but not exactly the same either. You definitely see more white ironed shirts than Google hoodies, but people are surely very much interested in what they do.

Trainspotters - Frederique comics

There’s a new project coming up, and on the kickoff meeting in the Bankside office I see consultants I haven’t met before. They are just as well: nerds, but you know, I too have studied maths for over 20 years. I can relate.

The meeting goes well, and I’m leaving the room with a friend who’s with the company for a longer time.

“Wait till you know these guys better”, he says. “They are nerds.”

“What do you mean they are nerds? You guys all are!”

“No, they are proper nerds. They are going-train-spotting-together level of nerds. They do actually: go out, watch trains, knowing exactly which service those are.”

Can’t wait for this project to get started!