What I’ve learned from a Facebook marketing campaign

To get more attention and hopefully, eventually more likes for Frederique’s Facebook page, I’m running a small marketing campaign in the last two weeks of the year. Here are some of my findings, a little after halfway through.

(Preface: the campaign is for winning free posters. For that, one only needs to share anything from the Facebook wall or like the giveaway’s post. More info about the campaign here.)

First, the campaign is set to run in the last 18 days of the year, within the most noise around – when everyone is already immune to ads. This was clearly not great timing, and I will avoid this in the future whenever possible. 

Second, I scheduled the post to go online on a Thursday, when I saw most of my peers active on Facebook. Also, I’ve let some close friends know about the post immediately and asked them to like or share it to gain more visibility. This worked well: some people liked the post a day later as well, showing that it was among the important ones (sharing it as an image probably added some extra points to its rank).

Third, my optimistic webcomic has a very special audience: almost every person is a potential follower, and therefore it was almost impossible to foresee the new followers. (This also means that I will have next to no chance narrowing down the audience for a future ad campaign based only on gender, age or similar values).

Fourth, the helpfulness of my friends is fantastic: their shares, likes and comments helped to show Frederique to hundreds of people in a week and meet the very modest goal of reaching the magic number – 50 followers of my Facebook page.