Twitter rebranding

It might be as stupid as it sounds: I’ve changed my Twitter username. From now on, find me at @wimagguc (or @wimagguchu, for Hungarian conversations).

The change might seem to be reckless move, but I actually wanted to do it for a long time now. I first registered on Twitter with my favourite nickname – and the name of this blog -, which, as it comes with no surprise, was not registered by anyone yet. Interacting with more and more people I realised that I use two languages with two rather distinguishable circles. To separate these, I ended up opening the @wmguk account for English discussions – and left @wimagguc with the Hungarian ones.

Over the years the former account became the more used and more important one, and for the “brand identity” I finally decided to swap the two using the vacation silence. For now, it makes me happy: it’s the same name for the blog, my Twitter and e-mail account. Nice and consistent. Order, there must be.