The future with Google Glasses

For the last ten years, if I want to see my inbox when on the road, I know to reach for my phone. This move for me is probably as natural, as it is for my father to check his watch for the time, or, for my future son, to check his whatever social network thing in his glasses. Yet, for me, for now, Internet in glasses is just proper craze.

If you give the task to engineers, to design a device that runs a distance between two points, they will most probably draw something with wheels. Similarly, if you want them to make something that’s connected to the Internet, you will get a screen of any size next to a modem in a soap shaped brick. Based on the proportions you will call it then a tablet or a phone or Galaxy Note.

And there are always those engineers out there who, with a twinkle in the eye, will keep developing those walking robots – until a point, when they are clever enough to actually be used. And then we have to get used to them.

I’m sure Google with the glasses is at this point now. These devices are so new that it’s almost impossible to imagine how we will get on with them: people still try to find out how the iPad fits into their lives, and that basically is just a big phone.

Hopefully by the time this new augmented reality and the non-stop connectivity arrives, we will be clever enough to know when to switch off and gain focus to things that actually matter. Otherwise, the network will have it’s greatest chance yet, to completely suck us in.

If you thought you are connected 24/7, now is time to think again.