The run of McAfee

The founder of McAfee Antivirus went on the run in Belize after his house was ransacked during the search for drugs and guns – and he kept posting from under cover. Regardless of how the story ends, there’s something important to take home here: the freedom of information is great.

“For those of you who follow the news in Central America, you will know that I am in hiding in an undisclosed location in Belize. Hiding out is no fun. I’ve always wondered why people on the run turn themselves in in many cases. I now know the answer – boredom.” – posted John McAfee. (Quoted from the article explaining what happened on Gizmodo.)

For our age, the Internet is an every day tool: we use it to share data, to connect with friends, to have some fun in the evenings. But it has a greater thing to it that can only be seen in times when someone is in trouble. Because weather it’s soldiers having fun killing civilians, a Cuban blogger who wants to share thoughts from behind the curtain; or, hackers want to prove that Sony is pretty careless with its users’ private data – the information will be out there. And this freedom of information, eventually, will make the world a better place.